Colton Haynes❤️ on We Heart It.

Das einzige was noch vor einem steht ist die weite Tiefe, Dunkelheit und  absolute Stille.

The only thing that will come, is the wide deep, darkness and absolutely silence.

I wanna touch it :o It’s so fluffy 


Squam Residence on Nantucket Island by Malcom Designs

omfg that’s unique !!! *-*


 Chromatic Typewriter Prints

Tyree Callahan has recycled (or upcycled, perhaps) a classic 1937 Underwood typewriter by replacing letters with sponges soaked across the spectrum with bright yellows, reds, blues and combinations thereof.


Largest amount of swag I have ever witnessed

yeah, that’s just how you do

Innerlich bin ich tot, doch die Hülle funktioniert.